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Fueling the transition to a renewable energy future

Vespene uses landfill methane to fuel Bitcoin mining.

Our Mission

We aim to repurpose otherwise wasted energy from landfills.

00.We convert landfill methane into a valuable energy source and financial value for landfill operators. Using Bitcoin mining, we turn methane streams into revenue for our customers, requiring no grid connection or pipeline buildout.

Why Vespene

Mitigate Emissions

01.We set up onsite data centers to help you mitigate and monetize your landfill methane, reducing routine flaring and maintenance costs.

Comply with Mandates

02.Our technology reduces methane, VOCs, CO2 and NOX emissions to help you comply with regulatory requirements. Our team understands the regulatory landscape and will help you navigate it.

Earn Profit

03.Create an off-grid revenue source by capturing landfill methane for Bitcoin mining. With our profit-sharing program, our landfill partners earn a percentage of net profits.

Do Good

04.Be part of the renewable energy revolution. By reducing methane emissions with Vespene, your operation becomes more environmentally sustainable and beneficial for the planet.

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