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Fueling the transition to a renewable energy future

Vespene captures methane emissions from landfills to power self-sustaining microgrids.

Our Mission

We aim to repurpose otherwise wasted energy from landfills.

00.Self-Sustaining Microgrids mitigate methane emissions and create financial value by pairing clean energy generation with interruptible data processing, requiring no grid connection or pipeline buildout.

Why Vespene

Scalability & Modularity

01.Self-Sustaining Microgrids can be rapidly and scalably deployed on landfills of any size regardless of location, and mitigate methane more efficiently than any alternative method.

Energy Independence

02.We leverage landfill methane to create an on-site energy source that can support broad EV fleet electrification and other variable facility loads. By pairing energy generation with interruptible data processing, we ensure that methane is fully destroyed and the energy is always put to beneficial use.

Health & Safety

03.In addition to eliminating methane emissions, hazardous air pollutants such as VOCs, NOx, and H2S are filtered or destroyed by our technology.

Distributed Clean Energy

04.By reducing methane emissions with Vespene, landfill operations become more environmentally sustainable and contribute to the broad electrification of the nation's energy mix.

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